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The Dream Centre

Welcome to the Eman Centre. A sanctuary for new Muslims who are being neglected by the very ones who facilitated their entrance to the fold of Islam. This is one of the most important resources for the vulnerable new Muslim and a beautiful location for weekend breaks for everyone else. The sad thing is that the Eman centre is still only just a dream. The closest we have to this is the New Muslim retreats provided by iERA (The Islamic Education and Research Academy). The least we can do is support them.

Reality Bites: The Ultimate Wali

Or do I mean the ultimate tool. As you know, the role of the wali is by far one of the toughest jobs when carried out properly. In this video I discuss a new concept that could help to improve the marriage process in the West.

reality bites Domestic violence

Many videos get made and many articles and blogs
written about domestic violence but they eventually
get archived and the problem remains. I’m just bringing
it back to the surface so we can continue the battle to
put an end to it.

Reality Bites Episode 1

Welcome to my new Vlog series entitled Reality bites. We have much to discuss you and I. In this episode I express my admiration for actor Denzel Washington after watching him during a BBC interview. I encourage him to step up to make a greater difference in his community.


What makes a man?

What makes so many of the world leaders turn into cold-blooded heartless killers? I wonder how their wives and children feel knowing that their husband or father is ordering the gruesome deaths of innocent civilians. I wish that one day the kids would sit their father down and say, “If you love us like you say you do, please stop because they are innocent children just like us.” I wish that their wives will ask them how they would feel if another man were to rape and torture them. Maybe the solution to end the evil lies in their¬†homes.

Production House

Most of the video and audio production on this site was produced by Nightscape Productions. Nightscape Productions is an innovative and creative production house that boasts affordability. From events to short film, all your needs are met at prices you can afford.

Jay Walking, Time travel

Britain has a lot to offer when it comes to places of natural beauty. We need to get out more, especially those of us with children. We need to get them out of the concrete jungle and away from the social network prison. In this episode of Jay Walking, I take a trip to the historic village of Haworth, home to the Bronte sisters.