I am just one person – one voice

I speak the words that are unheard

Words drowned out by chaos

Are we human beings?

Or just animals that sit by watching evil as it perpetuates evil

How sick a world that allows one man to kill so many for his own evil gain

How sad his wife and children who accepts his lies

When he tells them he loves them, how can they believe?

A man who truly loves his family would never slaughter someone else’s

He would first imagine what it would be like if it happened to him

Then – if he truly loved his family, he would stop

I am just one person – one voice

I speak the words drowned out by helpless humiliation

Searching hopelessly for a solution

But being reminded daily that the task is too great for one voice

The worlds most powerful and influential take no united action

Are they not afraid of the day when they will be held to account?

What have they become?

Where is their substance?

At least a signed statement from them all would be better than nothing

A statement condemning the evil of this man and demanding that he be stopped

At least then they would be a united voice against evil

Instead of a united voice of support for him

I am one person. One voice

Where has the world gone?