Tatchell tells Corbyn to step up

On a day when most of us were sitting comfortably at home, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell attended Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on human rights to demand that he ‘step up!’

The campaigner disrupted Mr Corbyn’s speech on human rights alongside fellow demonstrators, who stood in front of the stage holding “Back UK air drops now” posters.

We already agree that the situation in Aleppo is an abomination against humanity, but what’s even worse is the way the government is continuously turning a blind eye towards the behaviour of Bashar Al Assad and his Russian henchmen. It’s beyond my understanding how British citizens accept this. We all want to rest comfortably in the knowledge that our government has got our back, but any group of leaders who can sit idly by while fellow human beings are being slaughtered en masse is a group of leaders in need of impeachment. That’s my honest and sincere view.

I’m not into encouraging the overthrowing of those who have been entrusted with the care of the community, but I am however up for the community making our voices heard more. We already demonstrate via the charity sector that we have become accustomed to doing things ourselves anyway, but we are hopeless when it comes to atrocious war crimes against the helpless and the innocent. We are at the mercy of our peers and we really do need them to ‘step up’.

December 25th is the Holy day for the vast majority of British citizens. Most will be at home enjoying the Christmas period. Although Muslims won’t be celebrating this period, we’ll all be enjoying the break at home with our families. This has been the day chosen traditionally by Deen Riders to raise awareness and funds for the oppressed. This year will be no different and I am calling on everyone reading this to support the campaign.

The people of Aleppo are in desperate need of our prayers and financial support. Deen Riders will be raising funds for medical and winter aids and will ride to raise awareness. You are urged to play a part in this. It is not fitting for us as a community to sit back and let others do the work. I’m sure most of us have personal views about Peter Tatchell, but whatever you want to say about him, he has risked his safety on many occasions to help others. Isn’t this something we’re supposed to be doing by default? We need to do our bit so that we may relax just a little. Even if on Facebook or any other of your favourite social media forums, you should make your voice heard and support Deen Riders with this small modest endeavour.